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Jacqueline et fils (David) MARTINO

U Cantu

Guest rooms

Visits : From November to March, Friday and Saturday (closed in January) / from April to October, every

Regions : Sartinesi Valincu Taravu

Categories : Restaurants & guest houses, farm & cottage holidays, Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : U Prisuttu, Lonzu, A Coppa di Corsica

20140 Olivese
  04 95 26 78 66 |   06 71 70 15 12

This could be the story of a child from the village, a farmer like his father and brothers, respectful of his land and traditions.

It could also very well be the adventure of a modern troubadour, visiting every inn to sing his song and to infuse the festive atmosphere with the evenings of former times. But it’s actually both, since Adelio set his guitar down at home in Olivese where he now enjoys receiving guests in the company of his wife Jacqueline.

For years I would answer all of the requests from friends to come and liven up the evenings in their inns. Then one day, I decided to do this in my own home, creating my own table and my own guest rooms with my wife who wonderfully presides over the kitchen, he explains. The establishment’s reputation didn’t take long to build: “Over the years Ive made friends everywhere, in Corsica and beyond. Now, customers regularly come from Belgium to enjoy our food, the charcuterie and the warm ambience of our evenings, says Adelio, with his characteristic joie de vivre.


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