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Farmhouse inn

Visits : Open all year except December/March
speciality produce: veal and locally-caught fish.

Regions : Corsica Livantina

Categories : Restaurants & guest houses, farm & cottage holidays

Route de la mer
20270 Aleria
  04 95 57 94 26

Once you get to Aleria, take the road leading to the sea and you’ll come across Domaine de Padulone.

Set in an enchanting location 200 metres from the shore, there’s a farmhouse renovated by Jeanne-Marie and Christophe in 2012, on an estate that produces grapes and cereal crops.  Refurbishing the former stables, which used to be home to the horses belonging to Jeanne-Marie’s great-grandfather, was a long-term project. The Vincentellis tend to the vines, which have existed in Padulone for 300 years! In 2000, they diversified their activity and bought cattle.

They had plenty of ideas and soon decided they wanted to set up a convivial and collaborative system that would be of mutual benefit to themselves and other local producers. Neighbouring farmers supported their initiative: lambs and piglets enjoy pastures, and friends who worked as fishermen regularly deliver fresh fish to the farmhouse-inn, as do sheep farmers their cheese.

“The way in which the farm operates revolves around this system of sharing. I want to see the know-how and efforts of small-scale producers being developed and put to good use. As for me, I contribute a few vegetables from my own garden!”

Jeanne-Marie confides that the farm has helped her overcome her shyness. “Working on the land demands a lot of effort but, by at the same time, it’s so rewarding to be able to share and swap, and enable people to sample and discover the region’s produce!” The pleasure is all ours!