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Chez Paul Antoine


Visits : From April to October, every day/
from November to March, by appointment.

Regions : Sartinesi Valincu Taravu

Categories : Restaurants & guest houses, farm & cottage holidays

Agricultural sectors : Corsican veal, Corsican fruit and vegetables

Guitera les Bains - sortie du village
20153 Guitera les Bains
  04 95 24 44 40 |   06 84 22 40 47 |

It’s by going along the small road of Taravu which leads to the village of Guitera that one discovers, upon a bend, the inn/guesthouse of Paul-Antoine Lanfranchi and his wife, Geneviève. It is in this stone building that the couple welcomes their guests for lodging and food.

But beyond this place, meeting this passionate and enthusiastic man is worth the detour here. Beneath his discreet manner, Paul-Antoine hides a genuine passion for everything he sets his mind to and a desire to share his knowledge, culture and cuisine. He is an insatiable jack of all trades, who approaches all of his activities with the same joy, whether it’s cattle breeding, marketing gardening, cooking or gathering wild herbs, and, when winter comes, he takes the time to produce family charcuterie of a very high standard. And that’s it! Guests visiting Paulo and Geneviève will not be able to resist discovering lonzu, salamu or prisuttu made by the Lanfranchi brothers, and are sure to fall under the spell of the wine and elderberry jelly.

“We have always butchered, raised cows, made cheese and cooked in this family. I try to be faithful to the know-how and the values that I have been taught, that's all,” the cook says humbly. But today, Paulo’s real source of pride is seeing his son, Thomas, take over. To see the young man taking real pleasure in feeding his pigs or searching for his cows in the scrubland, one suspects that the handover has worked well!

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