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Toussaint FAZI

U Sampolu

Farmhouse inn

Visits : Open every day between May and September.

Regions : Corsica Livantina

Categories : Restaurants & guest houses, farm & cottage holidays

hameau Sampolu, commune de Ghisoni
20227 Sampolo
  04 95 57 60 18 |   06 12 90 38 07 |

Not far from Ghisoni, in the pieve of Castellu, lies the small village of Sampolu, which is famous for its dam and for Toussaint Fazi’s ferme auberge (farmhouse inn). Toussaint, a farmer with a friendly smile, opened this high-quality establishment, which is a showcase for regional produce.

Toussaint was born in the area. His mother, also from Sampolu, owned land on the edge of the village. In 1987, when construction of the dam started, Toussaint set up a special area which he used to serve workers healthy and nourishing meals.  While he was working in his main activity as a beef producer in Ghisoni and Casa Pieraggi, further down on the plain, he imagined the peaceful banks of the future water-filled area and thought that the location would lend itself well to the holiday market. The idea of a farmhouse inn gradually developed in his mind. Helped by his wife, who has worked alongside him in this venture since it began more than 25 years ago, Toussaint now offers guests traditional cuisine, 80% of which comes from his stock and from his home-grown produce.

“The most important thing is for people to discover our produce and know-how. Our customers then feel they are almost part of the micro-region.” When you ask Toussaint if he’s happy at the farmhouse inn, he replies, with a broad smile: “More than ever before!”

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