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Campu di Monte- Chambres d'hôtes

Farmhouse inn

Visits : Prior booking required.

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : Restaurants & guest houses, farm & cottage holidays

Campu di Monte
20239 Murato |

Take someone who is a child of the area, and who listens and demonstrates logic and determination.  Add education and varied experience. Marinade in a family environment in which hospitality and a love of the land and of a job well done are of fundamental importance. Season with plenty of effort. The result is Pauline Julliard and the farm inn she runs in Murato!

Rewind to 1985, during the period known as the “années ardentes”, the zealous years of Corsica’s independence movement. Pauline felt ready to start her new adventure and Campo di Monte, a beautiful 18th-century dry-stone farmhouse, seemed to be tailor-made for her. Soon after restoring the building, Pauline found that her cuisine was being sought by all the local and passing gourmets.

The location is blissful.  The view of the sea is so beautiful that you’ll feel as though you’re walking on air. On sunny days, aperitifs are served outside as a prelude to a delectable array of dishes, such as mountain charcuterie, succulent fromage frais doughnuts, Corsican leg of veal - from Pauline’s farm -  lasagna, gnocchi, home-grown vegetables, minadu cheese served with fresh, candied or dried figs,  fiadone, and candied clementines. “My greatest pleasure is to work with exceptional and 100% Corsican ingredients,” says Pauline. 

Meeting a woman with generosity of spirit, enjoying the heavenly location, savouring fresh regional produce of consistently excellent quality – the blend is too tempting! You’ll find it very hard to leave. Fortunately, with typical generosity, Pauline has lovingly and tastefully renovated two guesthouses in the village. Will there still be room at the inn?