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ENC (Essences Naturelles Corses)

Organic essential oils - cosmetics - Garden - Natural Corsican essences

Visits : Garden tour from June to September (French and German).
Shop open all year from June to September, Monday to Saturday / October to May, Monday to Friday.

Regions : Casinca - Castagniccia - Costa Verde

Categories : Culture/nature/well-being/leisure

Agricultural sectors : Corsican essential oils

Bordeo, 205 route de - Moriani Plage
20230 San Nicolao
  04 95 38 46 04 | |

When Albrecht’s father decided to settle in Corsica in 1962 with his wife, he saw the island as a strategic location: having experienced two world wars, distance – so he thought – would be his refuge. Not far from Germany, Corsica seemed to be the ideal place to settle and farm.

Albrecht  his parents when he was 37, to support the family business which specialized in citrus. He soon took the not-inconsequential decision to change his life entirely and to leave Stuttgart, where had he worked as a psychoanalyst for over ten years. As a labourer on the farm, he quickly came to understand the benefits and challenges of organic farming. He returned to Germany for a few months to train in the area. Upon his return in 1982, he aligned practices on the farm with this new direction and developed a love for Corsican herbs, quickly adding them to the farm’s repertoire. The distillery was born in 1993.

Humble, and ready to listen to others and to nature, Albrecht is constantly looking for new combinations to express all the nuances of the island’s plants. "I'm not creative, as such. I’m looking to present a scent in all its naturalness, by remaining as faithful to it as possible. There’s nothing more elegant, for example, than the perfumes of summer in the mountains..."

Sweet, sensuous reverie borne by the aromas in Albrecht’s herb garden

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