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La Promenâne

Donkey-mounted treks along the paths of the GR20, sheep farms and upper mountain lakes.

Visits : April to October / July - August (booking essential) from 8.00 to 18.00.

Regions : Centru di Corsica

Categories : Culture/nature/well-being/leisure

13 Bella Sulana
20224 Albertacce
  06 25 70 70 71 |

What could have been going on in the mind of this affacionado of literature and history to leave his job as a dental technician and return to his native Niolu and breed donkeys? Probably just as many things as in the mind of these very intelligent animals for whom Pasquin has always professed a great tenderness and admiration. “The Donkey has a bad reputation for being stupid and stubborn, whereas they are remarkably clever animals, indeed they are more intelligent than horses!” says Pasquin Santini. Wanting to pay homage to this animal he offered them to trekkers interested in exploring the Corsican Mountains with them, simply for day trips or a whole week on the GR20. “You know,” he continues, “my donkeys are not simply content to carry their backpacks, they teach them perseverance, patience and humility. The majority of people who journey with them into the mountains for a week come back changed, with a totally different opinion of them.” One thing is sure, with Pasquin Santini “the Gentle Mule” has definitely found its ardent, passionate and passion-inspiring champion!


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