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Stéphanie BOUYRIE


Visits : From March To October

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Culture/nature/well-being/leisure

Agricultural sectors : Oliu di Corsica

Rn 197
20218 Urtaca |

Stéphanie Bouyrie, with a slight figure and open smile, has been at the helm of Ernaghju since 2007. The history of the property dates back to 1993 when Camille, a young arboriculture enthusiast - and her future husband! - decided to plant a 1,400- tree olive grove.

"Camille is a man of the Earth. Olive trees quickly became his favourite because they combine nobility and precision work, especially when it comes to trimming work - we are in our fifth advanced course! - to harvest a better product each year."

Stéphanie, then specialised in tourism, joined the adventure in 2001. "Young trees needed care and attention. They grew up with me, and vice versa!" With the arrival of her two children, the young mother devoted herself solely to agricultural work. In addition to living in ongoing contact with nature, Stephanie finds all the satisfaction she needs in processing the olive. "We opened our mill with the 2014 harvest! Mastery of the entire production process is really the culmination of our work."

And, for a year now, Stéphanie has been sharing her enthusiasm with campers that she hosts on the farm. "I like to please the visitor, perhaps I’m reminiscing about my past in the tourism industry!" The visitors truly are spoiled, because, in addition to the comfort offered by the campsite, they can discover a range of soaps crafted by the tireless Stéphanie!

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