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Christelle LEANDRI

Donna è

Organic cosmetics

Visits : Year-round / 9am – 12pm and 2pm – 5pm and by appointment.

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Culture/nature/well-being/leisure

Château Malaspina
20226 Belgodère | |

In the small world of island cosmetics, Christelle Leandri is making her own voice heard. “I am a scientist first and foremost, and I claim this because I did not come to cosmetics by chance. ” In fact, after receiving her PhD in chemistry from Nice University, in the aroma and perfume laboratory, Christelle made her debut with the greatest perfumers of the Grasse area.

Then the desire to create a range of Corsican cosmetics came to her. “I was one of the pioneers on the Corsican cosmetics market, but since from the beginning I have tried to master the entire production process for my products, from chemical formulation through to packaging, explains the young woman. Christelle also talks about “”treatments” and not products: “Even though my cosmetic treatments are attractive in their final form, its their effectiveness I strive for. It is with the effectiveness of my treatments that I will attract and retain customers. I am also strongly committed to an ecological and environmental approach, and my entire range is certified organic. I dont do glamour cosmetics”’  she proclaims with determination.

The gamble on effectiveness and scientific rigour seems to have paid off, because export opportunities have now opened up for her on the other side of the world.

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