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Laetitia & Philippe STRAFORELLI

La Savonnerie du Nebbiu

Craft soaps.

Visits : Out of season: open Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm
Summer season: open Monday to Saturday –

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : Culture/nature/well-being/leisure

Lieu dit Morta Majo
20253 Patrimonio | |

Thirteen years ago the Savonnerie du Nebbiu was born, with Laetitia Straforelli at its helm. After obtaining a BTS (a French technical degree) in horticulture, Laetitia at first started off in aromatherapy. During her education she discovered her attraction to scents.

“I was more intrigued by scents than by care! So, I began looking into soaps and cold saponification techniques. This was a real revelation! I’ve been enjoying myself ever since!” says the cheerful creator. Today, her workshop has around thirty soaps on offer, with various scents including immortelle, myrtle, and Corsican pine.

She has five liquid soaps, ten bath salts, shaving soap, solid shampoos, body oils... and all created with the same philosophy in mind: Using as many Corsican resources as possible, such as olive oil, essential oils, personally gathered scrubland flowers, etc.

“Organic and 100% natural raw materials!” adds Laetitia. “Because this is the big secret of cold saponification: the soap does not dry you out—because it is superfatted it retains all the glycerin that is essential to the skin."
In order to achieve such results, Laetitia experiments, designs prototypes, and tirelessly concocts to meet ever-growing just-in-time production requirements!

She has gained some well-deserved professional recognition in the form of a partnership with Essences Naturelles Corses, a producer of essential oils, as well as other major cosmetics companies.

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