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Visits : Open all year round.

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Culture/nature/well-being/leisure

Rte de Muro
20220 Santa Reparata di Balagna |

~~Olivier Fondacci went from working with fish to working with donkeys!
This former fishmonger could no longer resist his longstanding passion: these equids which are so special and so dear to the islanders!

In 2008, he and his wife, Jeanick, created Balagn’âne, where they offer donkey rides and entertainment at village festivals and birthday parties.
The couple began their business with five animals, and the estate is now home to 85! The couple quickly became multi-active donkey-drivers. “As a child, I remember the story of an uncle who was cured of a serious illness thanks to asses’ milk,” says Oliver. “And, what’s more, if Cleopatra herself swore by it, why not offer it here!” he jokes.
Sapone di Corsica was born in 2015. Today, Jeanick offers four different products to visitors, made entirely at the farm and in the Balagne region.

The range will shortly be supplemented by a body treatment and a new experiment will be launched on... cheese!
“Above all, recognising the Corsican donkey means being aware of the extraordinary potential of this animal” Olivier concludes.
And that’s putting it mildly: from June to September, the donkey is responsible for collecting organic waste twice a day in Isula. Proof that man and animal, finally united, can accomplish great and wonderful things together.


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