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Distillerie de Pietracorbara

Distillery – Liqueurs - Bed and Breakfast

Visits : April 1 to October 31.

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : And also..., Restaurants & guest houses, farm & cottage holidays

Lieu-dit A Murticcia - Route du village
20223 Pietracorbara |

He fell into it when he was still young! Surrounded by the refreshing aromas of lemons, citrons and clementines whose juice was used by his mother to make her very own liqueurs at home.

Fabien Barone is a young farmer whose career plan was self-evident. In 2003, the project began to take shape: Pietracorbara would have its own distillery! It would produce - what else? – spirits from citrus fruits, Fabien’s specialties, of course, but also more traditional liqueurs such as myrtle. The process began... the distillery produced a large enough quantity to allow the small-scale producer to sell his beverages in the surrounding area.

“I remember feeling a real sense of pride the day I sold my first bottle," he says. Since then, the adventure has taken another twist: Fabien no longer needs to buy citrus fruits to produce the liqueurs. He began planting his own fruit trees; all that remained was to pick the fruit before allowing it macerate, or heating it in the still.

"The process you use actually affects the taste significantly, a macerated alcohol will always be closer to a liqueur, and sweeter – it’s a question of taste!" He says, smiling. He’s got every right to smile after seeing the results of his hard work: a 500 m² site with a shop and tasting bar, where it is so pleasant to have a drink in the summertime... with a little slice of lemon!

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