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Etang de Diana


Oysters and mussels.

Regions : Corsica Livantina

Categories : And also...

Etang de Diana BP1
20270 Aleria
  04 95 57 02 53 |   09 67 09 68 75

Bernard Pantalacci’s background is atypical to say the least.  After studying History and Geography, obtaining a French undergraduate diploma in Psychology and spending a year studying Political Science, this affable and humorous man worked as an assistant editorial secretary for the Le Provençal newpaper at the end of the 1970s. How did this young journalist end up working next to Lake Diana?

Was he following in the footsteps of his fish-merchant father, or was it a case of homesickness? Whatever the reason, Bernard began oyster farming in 1990, immediately taking stock of what needed doing in order to drive this high-quality natural area towards excellence. He took a gamble on the native flat oyster, and his hard work and exacting standards eventually paid off.  Oysters cannot be left to float about in lukewarm water – just like children, they need daily care and attention!

Bernard and his team have their sights set on a new challenge: breeding and raising oysters. Vast nurseries will soon extend over the Lake Diana, under Bernard’s benevolent and paternal eye. He is a manager who perfectly embodies the nurturing figure of a professional and passionate boss. “I have known many places, all of which were too restrictive for my liking. Now I’m at Lake Diana, which is like an enormous playing field for me and I’m giving my all to ensure this produce is of the highest quality possible.” È detta!*

* The challenge is clear!

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