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Véronique FIESCHI

Cosmetics made from Corsican citrus fruits – Soap made from Corsican goats' milk - Bed and Breakfast and Table d'hôte

Visits : All year round

Regions : Dui Sevi-Dui Sorru - Cruzini - Cinarca

Categories : Culture/nature/well-being/leisure, And also...

Rondolina bp 2 - lieu-dit Paomia In de Noi
20130 Cargèse

Transforming and sharing...

Framed between sea and sky, Paomia is situated on a small and winding hill road, nestled amongst a cluster of houses encircled within a green enclave. Véronique Fieschi is extremely fortunate to be living is this wonderful spot just three kilometres from Cargèse and she is committed  to sharing her good fortune through making use of the exceptional natural resources available to her. However, this natural theme is juxtaposed by a deeply modern setting, where works by contemporary artists such as Topor, Alechinski are seen adorning the walls.

The process begins with the 120 hives from which her production of Corse-Mele di Corsica is made, a beautifully scented PDO-certified seasonal honey.

She then uses the honey in her cosmetic production:

  • The A Fughjina (lovers' escape) range includes anti-ageing creams, treatment oils and body milks made from citrus fruit extracts and other indigenous plants, such as the highly prized Corsican clementine and everlasting flower essences.
  • The collection of soaps made from goats' milk - in either cake or liquid form – provide numerous dermatological benefits.

For dinner, you will be served secret recipes 'straight from her kitchen garden' made entirely from natural ingredients. She runs a two-bedroom B&B throughout the whole year, which is lucky as people never seem very keen on leaving. A hostess with a head full of ideas - setting up a soap production house on-site, running open days, concerts and exhibitions.

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